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MEPZI is the leading Onyx , Marble, Granite and sandstone processing and exporting company from Pakistan. We are a leading supplier of these stones from Pakistan to the world market only due to our continued efforts for utmost quality achievement.

We stock onyx tiles, mosaics, sinks, tubs, slabs, vanities, and custom products.

Natural stones of Pakistan are acknowledged worldwide as best in quality, variety and color. Here Marble, Sand Stone and Onyx are found in exclusive colors and shades which are non-existent in other regions of the world. We use modern techniques for producing and processing marble, sand stones, onyx which has resulted in improved quality and our products are fast acclaiming appreciation in the world market.

We are striving hard to provide our customers best quality, reasonable prices and outstanding services at all times. If you have developed interest in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Our products are getting fame amongst architects and builders worldwide as they give more artistic looks to the buildings. We are providing our products in these forms:

Iron Ore

Our company stocks the product in mass. Thus, we can cater to bulk/retail requirements with easy and ensure the fast delivery of the product. The raw material used for the wide array of products we deliver are quality checked and are completely certified by the professionals. For the utmost client satisfaction, we conduct regular quality checks of the raw material.

Some of the pictures of Iron Ores are shown below

Burma Teak Marble

We are the Leading Processor & Exporter of Pakistan oriented Marble. We have our own Mines in Baluchistan. Our minimum order quantity is 100 ton and the maximum is 3000 tons. Ten years as a registered member of “International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations” we are able to export our products all over the world. we give our valuable customers peace of mind in all terms; Quality Satisfaction, in Time Delivery, New Attractive Colors, Competitively Low Price, Creative Art Work, and Customer Satisfaction.

Burma Teak Marble Raw Material

Burma Teak Marble Finished Products


Granite is a natural stone that is usually cut into slices to make it able to be useful for making kitchen slabs, buildings, monuments, paving, and floors. Granite is a very tough form of Stone. Granite stone from Pakistan is highly demanded. The design and durability of Pakistani Granite stone make it important for use in construction and many other purposes. We will provide you the premium quality Granite stone marble from Pakistan.

Some of the pictures of Granite is shown below

Chromite Ore

We have from our own mines Chromite Ore of the finest quality in lumpy form. The chromite content can be from 40% to 47%. Stock lots of different grades and sizes are prepared and sold accordingly.

Our mines are producing the best quality chromite ores of the desired percentages suitable for various metallurgical productions. Its ratios of chromite to iron, phosphorous, sulphur, aluminum are low and are acceptable for all users of chromite ores. We have the capacity to supply in good quantities at a reasonable price.

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